Artist King Khan causes a stir by taking his audience

Artist King Khan causes a stir by taking his audience on a ride during a concert in Montreal

Long delays, shouting, racial slurs: The Berlin-based Quebec band The King Khan & BBQ Show caused a stir at a concert in Montreal last weekend.

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Last Friday night, the duo behind the hit Love You So were originally scheduled to take the stage at Le Ministère on Saint-Laurent Boulevard around 9pm. However, the group participating in the Taverne Tour Festival would have kept their audience waiting until around 11:30 p.m.

Then the situation would have escalated.

On Reddit, people who allegedly attended the concert claim that King Khan descended from the stage to fight a spectator. He also allegedly asked all white people in the audience to move to the back of the room and said all white people in Montreal were racist.

“The organizers should have cut off his microphone and escorted him off the stage,” lamented a person present at the concert on the event’s Facebook page. “To let him go through all of these violent, hateful and inappropriate comments without intervening was irresponsible.”

Tavern Tour apologizes

On Saturday, the organizers of the festival responded to the controversy on social networks: they distanced themselves from King Khan and the statements he made during the concert, which he considered “inappropriate, even hateful”.

“Unfortunately, King Khan ignored neither [nos] values, but rather show an arrogant, disrespectful and aggressive attitude,” reads the Tavern Tour’s Facebook page.

The organization claims they made the decision not to interrupt the concert for fear of “violent reprisals” from members of the group and to ensure the safety of the public.

This isn’t the first time King Khan has reacted. In 2010, Vice reported that the artist mostly bared his buttocks during a party hosted by actress and singer Lindsay Lohan as part of the Cannes Film Festival.

Mark Sultan (BBQ Show) and King Khan from The King Khan & BBQ Show

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