Arthur Aguiar reveals how old he was when he lost his virginity and causes surprise

Arthur Aguiar reveals how old he was when he lost his virginity and causes surprise

Arthur AguiarHis actor in an interview with the podcast BrunetCastHe confessed that he lost his virginity at a very young age. The information caused astonishment in the conversation.

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“At 11, 12 years old. I always had a much older friend as a reference person who took me everywhere. I used to go to funk community dances, dammit. I went to nightclubs even before I was old enough. Today it’s more difficult, but then I got in (…) My father (mother’s second husband) and my mother always worked a lot. There was never a dialogue in my family (…) Who do I ask questions with? who will teach me It’s that person. I saw his posture, heard what he said. And that was the way for me. Within the universe I knew, I saw him succeed. He was seven or eight years older than me. He had a car, he worked, he had his money and he had many wives. For me, that was the path,” he revealed.


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during the interview, the BBB22 champion revealed what was one of the most remarkable moments of global reality. “People ask, ‘What’s the most important ‘Big Brother’ moment for you?’ The most important moment was the first test. The first day I entered the house, I won the immunity test. If I hadn’t won the race, I’d be in the wall on Sunday and out on Tuesday. Because I got canceled from the program,” he confessed.

Lately, Paul Andrefriend in custody of ArthurShe gave an interview to a podcast and commented on why the friendship with the actor hasn’t cemented out here.

“The Arthur [Aguiar] They are good people. We exchanged an idea but I sent my birthday invitations. He’s a guy that we had a really good friendship with. He’s a more reserved guy, more in his own, more family. The cycles haven’t hit here and it’s all right, I have nothing against him, he’s fine,” he commented.

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