Arthur Aguiar manifests after controversy at BBB23

Arthur Aguiar manifests after controversy at ‘BBB23’

the exhusband of Maira Cardi he replied then, and now he has returned to speak on the subject, to explain his position on the wall in between Nicacio and Maria. Because the doctor said on “Big Brother Brasil 23” that there are contestants who win the reality show, but they do not guarantee success with the end of the show, as would have been the case with the singer.

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“I know my fans, people who like me and cheer for me, weren’t happy with Fred Nicácio’s speech. I didn’t like it either. Arthur my personal site wants him to go because of this. On the player side, it would be much more interesting to create conflict in the house when Fred Nicácio returns,” Arthur said on his Instagram Stories. “I answered here in my own way, I did not abandon the topic, it is not worth it. It’s his opinion, everyone thinks what they want. I won’t change it Beauty. But I didn’t like it.” graduated from the exBBB.

BBB 23: Fred Nicácio and Marília go to the secret room

The audience chose the duo composed by Fred Nicocio and Maria leave the house BBB 23 (TV Globe). The two received 69.26% of the vote against Gustavo and Key Alves. The Wall surpassed 33 million votes. From now on, the contestants go into the secret room of the show. There, the public will have the mission to eliminate one of the components of the duo. The other, in turn, returns to the bestguarded house in Brazil with the right to immunity. By the way, you can give your opinion on who you want to eliminate from Big Brother Brasil in the poll on Portal Alta Definition.

The first BBB 23 “wall” was formed on Sunday (22nd). Gustavo and Key Alves were the picks of the week’s leaders, Bruna Griphao and Larissa. Fred Nicácio and Marília, in turn, received House nominations. In fact, the duo had the right to counterattack and dragged Gabriel and Paula against the wall. However, those confined to the glass house escaped the hot seat in the Tour test.