Arrested after attempting to purchase stolen human remains

Arrested after attempting to purchase stolen human remains

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after attempting to purchase human remains destined for a university research facility in Little Rock, Arkansas.

According to NBC News, the man then planned to resell them through the “Marketplace” platform on Facebook.

The human remains were allegedly stolen by an employee at an Arkansas cemetery. She would then put them up for sale.

A spokeswoman for the research center said she was “outraged” by the news.

“We are very respectful of those who leave their bodies to us after their death. If such an event occurs, we are sure to be dismayed,” said Leslie Taylor.

No charges had been filed against the cemetery worker in Arkansas as of Thursday.

In Pennsylvania, however, on July 22, authorities arrested a 40-year-old man, Jeremy Lee Pauley, who had willingly left to acquire the human remains the lady was selling. He also wanted to resell the remains of the remains.

He is accused of despising a corpse and receiving stolen equipment.

He was released on $50,000 bail.