Around 50 people are excluded from Antonio Fagundes’ play      because it is too late

Around 50 people are excluded from Antonio Fagundes’ play because it is too late

With Antonio Fagundes, “Baixa Terapia” can be seen in Rio until March Disclosure / Caio Gallucci

With Antonio Fagundes, “Low Therapy” can be seen in Rio until MarchDisclosure / Caio Gallucci

Published on 01/18/2023 08:39 | Updated on 01/18/2023 11:12 am

Rio Confusion broke out at the door of the Teatro Clara Nunes in Gávea last Saturday after around 50 people were prevented from entering the Baixa Terapia show starring Antonio Fagundes because they were late. Police were called to contain the group, who even banged on theater doors and threatened staff after receiving a refusal to exchange or return tickets.

Antônio Fagundes talks about the play “Baixa Terapia”: “Hilarious comedy”

“The show begins strictly at the scheduled time and entry is not permitted after start without exchange of tickets and/or refunds,” reads the ticket for the show.

“I’m actually uncomfortable talking about it because it’s like we have to explain to people what the word ‘begins’ means. If a play starts at 8 p.m., the person cannot arrive at the theater two minutes earlier at 8 p.m. and think that they have the right to disturb others,” said Fagundes in an interview with “O Globo”.

The actor also said that this problem occurs not only in Rio de Janeiro, but throughout the country. “It’s a cultural problem, ours. It’s like we’re so special that things can’t begin until we arrive. That’s why I stopped going to the cinema. Humans are impossible: they turn on the cell phone light and keep talking. It’s such an inconvenience. I don’t want the audience of my plays to experience the same discomfort,” he added.

Fagundes revealed that he had already experienced the same problem in Portugal and said his intention was not to punish people. “I have no intention of educating anyone, but to respect those who deserve to be respected and favor those who arrived on time. I don’t know why people think that in the theater there are certain rules that are followed in places like airports and competitions like the Enem ceases to exist,” he concluded.

According to the Military Police, agents from the 23rd BPM (Leblon) were on patrol in Gávea in the South Zone and were called to review an incident at a theater in the neighborhood. A riot with spectators at a play was contained at the site.

Asked by THE DAY, the show’s production said they understand the difficulties of getting around in big cities. “We fully understand the difficulties, especially in big cities, of complying with the rules of a planned event: heavy traffic, sometimes rain, a flash of lightning or even the insecurity of the city itself. Personal eventualities often surprise us,” he began.

“However, regardless of adverse circumstances, we must adopt a unified policy of commitment to the public so that we are fair and respectful.” In the concert hall after the session has started, it is also not possible to exchange tickets or refund the money. This information will be comprehensively presented in all our promotional materials and on the ticketing website,” he continued.

“By refusing entry after the play has started, our sole aim is to preserve the show for any viewers already in the room watching the play in progress, talking, using cell phone flashlights and looking for seating, which unfairly pulls.” other viewers, those who had planned in advance to arrive at the theater.It is noteworthy that in all sessions at the scheduled time, more than 95% of the audience is already seated in the room and ready to watch the show,” he added added.

“With all our respect and affection, we are sure that you would feel very uncomfortable if you missed scenes from the play where people are talking and passing in front of you while the show is taking place. In the production we have to think of everyone and we understand, therefore, that this is the best rule of conviviality and respect, so that the audience can have fun, be moved and have the best experience in the theater. Come back! You will always be very well received!”