Arnold Schwarzenegger very sad after the death of his Sensei

Arnold Schwarzenegger “very sad” after the death of his “Sensei”

The fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger A photo was found on the actor’s Instagram in which he can be seen in disguise Conan the Barbarianthis epic warrior who launched his career Hollywood.

His serious demeanor contrasted with the smile of a companion in the snapshot. It was about Kiyoshi Yamazakian occasional actor and martial arts expert who became Arnold’s friend. However, this content did not refer to a celebration of the film’s anniversary. It was about something sadder.

“I just heard that My sensei, Kiyoshi Yamazaki, passed away. He was a wonderful man and a fantastic teacher who made me believable as Conan the Barbarian with his sword training. When I say no one makes themselves, I mean this. Who knows if Conan would have been a success if Sensei Yamazki hadn’t made my swordsmanship realistic? “He played an important role in my life, he was a dear friend and my thoughts are with his family.”

Although the news hasn’t been announced yet (which is strange since Yamazaki also appeared in films), The message from the star of the Terminator saga caused a stir among his fans. Some expressed their condolences, others remembered when they rented Conan the Barbarian on VHS.

Schwarzenegger paid tribute to him He uploads photos of sword practice, takes part in the filming of the aforementioned film, and even accompanies his adventure partner to a place where he can see a replica of the film Killer robots This finally made the Austrian actor a star.

Kiyoshi Yamazaki was also a martial arts teacher and sword fighting expert He worked on the film Conan the Destroyer, again with his friend Arnold. He also appeared in a television series of the character (then played by Ralf Möller (1996)), in Dragonheart and in Red Sonja, a film that comes from the same narrative and mythical universe that starred Brigitte Nielsen.

So far, the Internet has not reflected the news of Yamazaki’s death, which was spread to a group of martial arts followers. But Schwarzenegger took it upon himself to reveal the sad news about a friend a man who was never afraid of his opponent’s muscles in some scenes from the Conan films, a friend that the Hollywood star didn’t want to forget.