Armed violence: Jérôme Leach pleads guilty

Armed violence: Jérôme Leach pleads guilty

A large-scale police operation against armed violence in Montreal that resulted in the arrests of 17 people in 2020 ended at the Montreal Courthouse on Wednesday.

One of those arrested, Jérôme Leach, a young man in his 20s, pleaded guilty to multiple serious charges including possession of prohibited weapons and drug trafficking.

Leach admitted his involvement in an attempted murder near Snowdon tube station. The verdict will be imposed on him on January 30th.

In September 2020, former director Sylvain Caron, accompanied by Christine Christie, a criminal investigation inspector, had subpoenaed the media in connection with the so-called Trinity Project, which aimed to solve the attempted murder that had occurred in October 2019 in the neighborhood Côte-des-Neiges, in the Chemin Queen Mary and Avenue Mountain Sights areas.

Investigators conducted 15 searches. The latter enabled the seizure of 5 firearms, 6 prohibited devices, hundreds of ammunition and various narcotics.

“We have one defendant who pleaded guilty in connection with a firearms disposal that took place in Côte-des-Neiges in 2019. The justice system, the DPCP is on the ward to deal with the rise in firearm violence,” explains Jean-Philippe MacKay , Crown Prosecutor.