1652982457 The 5 bad decisions made by Alianza Lima who managed

Arley Rodríguez reveals what Carlos Bustos told her at the end of the game against Municipal

The 5 bad decisions made by Alianza Lima who managed

Alianza Lima defeated Deportivo Municipal 3-0 on the 15th at the Iván Elías Moreno Stadium League 1 Betsson 2022. One of the figures of the meeting was Arley Rodriguezwho gave an interview for Gol Peru and was very satisfied with his performance.

“I was very happy at Alianza. I had to fight it. I am preparing for the start but had to sit on the bench. When I’ve been there from the start I give myself and show that I can be in the eleven, but if the teacher decides I’m on the bench I can do that with no problem,” he explained.

He also revealed what the technician had told him Carlo Bustos at the end of the game: “He congratulated me because he knows I’m trying my best. Now he gives me the opportunity to be there, I also had to play against Vallejo. Always show I am 100% when it comes to me. I’m happy about the win and about the group celebrating my luck. Very happy with the win.”

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Arley Rodríguez dreams of the Apertura title

On the other hand, Arley Rodriguez He pointed out that they are focused on the local tournament and that they need to maintain this positive streak to try to win the Apertura tournament.

“We know we have no margin for error, we weren’t given any margin in the Copa Libertadores, but it’s not easy to play 3-4 days with travel and all that, but we’re showing that we’re fighting for the locals can tournament. We knew from the start that we couldn’t neglect the league because it gets us into an international tournament, so we’re already putting the trophy aside and concentrating on League 1,” he said.