Arisa yells at Verissimo The transformations and the discomfort Tired

Arisa yells at “Verissimo”. The transformations and the discomfort: “Tired of myself”

When it comes to Arisa, it’s easy to think of the concept of transformation, especially the aesthetic one. During his career he went through different phases and at the beginning of his 40th year he decided to take stock of his life in an exciting interview with Verissimo with Silvia Toffanin.

The Transformations of Arisa

The current phase in Arisa’s life and career is happy. Things are going well for Amici, but most importantly he seems to have achieved a general composure. She smiles and explains that she enjoys the simple things, like spending her 40th birthday with her family, surrounded by her parents and grandchildren.

She has embarked on a new journey at the helm of Maria De Filippi’s young talent. He sees them as three jewels, he explains, all with a story and great emotionality. He advises them to stay true to themselves.

A reflection that opens a very important theme, that of transformation, which becomes the cornerstone of the interview: “I’ve always stayed true to myself, even in the changes“. It is not easy for her to face this discourse and so a few tears inevitably fell.

There are several reasons why it has changed its appearance over the years. He’s done it for himself, as well as for love, be it a sentiment aimed at music, someone special, or something else.

“I thought that my appearance would not be understood and so I changed it sometimes, also to bring my music better to the public. I wanted to see something in the mirror that I really like. We are often tired of ourselves. But when I mute, I only do it outside. i stay inside Today I like myself and I thank you for everything I have received.

Arisa and love: the desire for a child

Silvia Toffanin finds her much more mature and wiser. The weight of experiences makes itself felt and shapes a person’s attitude to life. We can’t approach it the same way at 20 and 40. It would mean not having assimilated anything from past events.

She went through delicate moments, especially in the family, but explained how she sometimes only realized afterwards that she was strong in some situations. Her strength lies in her parents, immensely real and down to earth people. They never wanted to give up their simple life, which makes them happy.

In them she finds smiles and joy, not in a friend. At the moment, the heart belongs only to her, she explains. There is no particular person that makes him hit, outside of his loved ones. However, he has experienced the beauty of feeling high and now will not settle for less.

“I’ve grown and moved a lot because I’ve reached an important milestone. I’ve also changed thanks to love, which doesn’t necessarily have to last forever. What remains are the effects of the feeling on you”.

She dreamed of becoming a mother, even on her own, and she couldn’t get that dream out of her head. He also thought about adopting a child. She feels a strong maternal instinct, but wants to remain calm for a while. A year of pause from aesthetic transformations and radical life choices: “I want to understand what can happen to me if I stay still”.