Arisa, that look?  Forget it, sensational transformation: as it is now

Arisa, that look? Forget it, sensational transformation: as it is now

Arisa that look Forget it sensational transformation as it is

New look for Arisa: The singer shows off her hair to fans on social media platinum blonde which surprises everyone. In any case, it’s not the first time that the artist has offered herself for radical transformations, as she has often gone from long and colored hair to short and very sensual cuts. Sometimes she even went so far as to shave her hair completely. Today, a few days before mid-August, Arisa has opted for blonde and has thus moved away from her natural color.

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Many immediately noticed that the platinum blonde is the same one the singer chose while appearing on Dancing with the Stars, the Rai 1 talent show in which she triumphed alongside Vito Coppola. As for the cut, however, Arisa went for one short and tousled. It seems – as DiLei reports – that the choice was dictated by the heat of the summer.

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For such a radical change of look, the artist decided to rely on the experts of boutique Arvi’s Milano, who published a photo of the artist’s new look on her Instagram profile and wrote: “Blonde attitude… from black to blond is not possible? Ask Arisa.” Lots of likes and comments from her fans, all positive: “Brunette, pink, blonde is always a charm.”

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