Arisa and the cow: the disturbing desires of the former Vito Coppola

Arisa and the cow: the disturbing desires of the former Vito Coppola

Arisa and the cow the disturbing desires of the former

Greetings for comments Arisa, who turned 40 today. However, one has garnered more attention on social media than any other. Her ex-partner dedicated this message to the singer Vito Coppola. The two met during the last edition of Dancing with the Stars, the Rai 1 talent show, from which they emerged victorious. After a relationship that lasted a few months, the two finally said goodbye.

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Arisa herself spoke about the end of the relationship in an interview with the weekly newspaper Oggi: “I’m recovering after the last story. I realized that I have to deal with people my age difficult to relate to those who are smaller. I didn’t always care about the other, in this last love I did and it didn’t pay off. You have to find the right balance of being loved as much as you love.” The post that Coppola wanted to dedicate to his ex for his birthday was completely different.

In particular, the dancer has released a video dated December 24, 2021, where he can be seen in one of the moments shared with the artist. The clip shows the ex-couple watching on the street of grazing oxen. The text accompanying the post reads: “Halfway” between “Eboli and Pignola. One of the most random and beautiful moments that I jealously guard. In my opinion, this photo and video are among the most important and representative.” How nice it is to be provincial! Today it’s a privilege.” You already know everything. I already know everything The most important thing is, and nobody will ever be able to understand it. Happy birthday you who are bread. Happy birthday you who have a snow-white soul, clear as water and fresh and light as air “You are a gift from nature”. “Thanks my heart“: Arisa’s answer.

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