Arianna Gianfelici and the shocking background of Chiara Rabbi

Arianna Gianfelici and the shocking background of Chiara Rabbi

According to the latest stories published by Chiara Rabbi, Arianna Gianfelici wanted to tell her truth and returned once again as a guest at Casa Pipol.

Chatting with presenter Giovanna Abate, the singer, a former student of Amici di Maria De Filippi, revealed a harrowing backstory about the former suitor.

Arianna, who flirted with Davide Donadei when he was still engaged to the rabbi, confided that he also spoke to Chiara’s manager to get some guests on TV:

Chiara and I followed each other on Instagram, we had phone numbers. One morning, a few days after the episode, I see Chiara’s stories, I read them and I see the story where she doesn’t mention me, let’s say called me that I didn’t like “the singer who didn’t liked believe enough in it”. In that alone I see her maturity so much because it seems to me that I never called her “cuckold”.

If she calls me “the singer who didn’t make it, I should call her the cuckold.” But I would never allow myself to, and honestly I don’t care. I call them by their first and last names, as it should be. Then he didn’t have the maturity to write to me, he thought it best to rely on Instagram stories. I answered her story. She had to have the maturity to chat to me like I did. I was blocked, so much so that I wrote her on WhatsApp, that I told her: “This is your maturity, frankly, you knew very well what I said in Casa Pipol, I did not insult you nor say anything new .

You know perfectly well that you told me not to talk because you said to me: “Ari, hold on talking because if we make it, we will try to get Verissimo to call us through my manager or to compare men and women to David.”

She said that so much that we had three way calls, me, her and her manager on Whattsapp. She called me and told me I had to tell her manager the whole story. I told her “Chiara, I want out of this shit as soon as possible”. She replied: “Yes, I know, but right now I don’t have the resources, I can’t support you, so if you wait to talk, I can support you in some way. Don’t pretend to be the one making things up.” That’s what she always told me.

Arianna Gianfelici then continued:

Then at the end of the whole other day I texted her message after message: “If you wanted to take a trip where you told me Ari I want to be famous, as objective as you make the story I would have spoken on the first day” . The first day I put the story on Instagram, I would have told her everything and then I would have talked quietly on social media. And she said to me: “Wait, I can’t support you right now, I have plans”. She even told me: “Don’t say everything on social media, because if they call us, at least you have something to tell on TV, and in that case I could support you.”

Since all of Chiara’s fans are against it, I honestly don’t mind that shit. So at that moment I said I’d rather wait and if Chiara still says she supports me and takes my side, I’ll wait for her.