Argentine President inspects Néstor Kirchner       gas pipeline works

Argentine President inspects Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline works

According to the Ministry of Communications and Press, the President will make a tour at 11:00 a.m. local time, accompanied by Economy Minister Sergio Massa and Governor Sergio Ziliotto.

According to the head of Energía Argentina, Agustín Gerez, the gas pipeline should be fully ready by June, saving around two thousand two hundred million dollars a year that have so far been used to import hydrocarbons.

Companies involved in the initial work include Techint, Sacde, BTU, Esuco and Tenaris, specializing in engineering, construction and metallurgy.

Gerez reiterated that it is “the most important transformational project this nation has for the next 25 years.”

We are finally beginning to consolidate the long-awaited energy sovereignty that will position us as a key player for our region and the world, he said.

According to official figures, the Néstor Kirchner will be more than 550 kilometers long, built in two stages and increase gas transport capacity by 24 million cubic meters per day.

The first phase will cover the route between the city of Tratayén in Neuquén and Salliqueló in the province of Buenos Aires, while the second phase will reach San Jerónimo in Santa Fe.