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Argentina will help Syria after earthquake

The more than seven magnitude tellurium movements and their subsequent aftershocks caused severe damage in the two states, leaving more than 31,000 dead and 80,000 injured.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that the Syrian government has accepted the offer of assistance from Argentina’s Agency for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid – White Helmets and the President of this organization, Sabina Frederic, is coordinating the actions to be carried out.

Frederic met with Argentina’s Ambassador to Syria, Sebastián Zavalla, and both confirmed the start of preparations for the humanitarian mission’s trip to the hardest-hit region.

Last Thursday, Argentina dispatched qualified personnel to Türkiye for technical search and rescue operations, medical assistance, hazardous materials handling, building construction, management of reception and departure centers and coordination of field operations.

In addition, water purification tablets, disinfectants, medicines and medical supplies were supplied. RO/Gas