Argentina presents the first modernized T27 Tucano

Argentina presents the first modernized T27 Tucano

Secretary of Defense Jorge Taiana presided over the military air station Aeroparque, the presentation ceremony of the third of twelve aircraft acquired from the United States of the Beechcraft TC12B Huron weapon system and the delivery of the first fully modernized Embraer EMB312 Tucano in the country, both from the National Defense Fund (FONDEF) to expand Air Force capabilities.

“FONDEF is fully engaged in the recovery and modernization of material of extraordinary value,” Taiana said, recalling that this initiative “is being carried out through a very significant articulation between the Department of Defense, the Armed Forces and the state manufacturing industries Defense and those associated with it.” productive sector related private sector”.

The modernization includes the 3D design of the new cabins, the development of new lasermarked wiring harnesses, the conversion of the lighting for the NVG flight and the adaptation of some equipment to be reinstalled on the aircraft with its renewed systems.

The head of the ministry stressed the importance of modernizing the Tucano, “which will fulfill the role of border surveillance in the north of our country”.

In this sense, the head of the Air Force, Brigadier General Xavier Julián Isaac, defined the recovery of these aircraft as “a qualitative leap” and assured that “this first modernization of all that is yet to come involves an increase in weapons capabilities”.

Referring to the Beechcraft TC12B Huron aircraft, he specified: “It is a capability that we had lost and its inclusion is a contribution to the tactical mobility of the armed forces, which we are realizing with the support of FONDEF.”

The Paraná Air Brigade II is the headquarters of the Beechcraft TC12B Huron, which is characterized by its great versatility, is a shortrange, multirole light transport aircraft and is also used to collaborate on community support tasks prior to disaster situations, health emergencies and aeromedical evacuations.

The first Beechcraft TC12B Huron unit was delivered in August 2021.

On the other hand, the Tucanos, who were in the III. Reconquista Air Brigade, as a medium/advanced training aircraft that allowed pilots to become familiar with procedures and equipment to efficiently transition to more complex systems. Replaced in their training role by the Texan T6s, they began taking on operational duties in the north of the country.

As part of an international public tender, the Argentine Air Force has commissioned the Tandilbased company Redimec to modernize the cabins of four of these aircraft. The project includes an upgrade of avionics, navigation systems, primary flight instruments and communications, including displaying engine parameters, to increase its capabilities.

Defense Minister Jorge Taiana in the gondola of Argentina’s Toucan.

The engineering plan developed by the Argentine company includes the 3D design of the new cabins, the supply of the equipment to be installed, the manufacture of the new instrument panels and structural parts, the development of the new lasermarked wiring harnesses, the conversion of the lighting for NVG flights and the adaptation of some legacy equipment to be reinstalled on the aircraft with its renewed systems.

the Secretary for International Defense Affairs, Francisco Cafiero; the Head of the Office of the Ministry, Héctor Mazzei; the Undersecretary for Scientific Research and Defense Industrial Policy, Roberto Adaro; IAF President Agustín Colombo Sierra; along with the Chiefs of Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces, Lt. Gen. Juan Martín Paleo; and the Navy, Admiral Julio Horacio Guardia.