Are your windows fogged up These 3 tips could uncover

Are your windows fogged up? These 3 tips could uncover the cause

There are several solutions to get rid of this annoying guest that is condensation; an expert gives his tips.

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It may not be wise to wait for the condensation to go away on its own, as the resulting moisture can cause mold, which is as dangerous as it is nauseous.

In an interview with Mirror, Allan Reid, double glazing expert and founder of Art Windows & Doors, shared his tips for dealing with this problem.

1. Diagnose the source

Allan Reid advises first making sure the window is indeed compromised.

“One of the first signs that condensation is becoming a problem in your home is condensation forming on the inner panes of double or triple glazed windows. This often happens after periods of cold or bad weather, which can damage the airtight seal by putting pressure on the windows,” he explains.

“To check that your air seals are working properly, you can tap each pane and check for signs of movement. You can also feel the cold air,” he adds.

2. The Flame Test

However, the common cold can make the previous diagnostic attempt impossible. Luckily there is a second method provided you have a candle or lighter.

“In this case, you can do a flame test with a lighter or a candle. If the flame goes out, that’s a clear indication that the air is circulating and that the gasket needs to be replaced,” said Mr. Reid.

3. Insulation of the house

According to the expert, skylights are particularly effective in revealing the presence of a common problem.

“While condensation on skylights is obviously more visible because warm, humid air rises, it’s often a warning sign of excessive humidity in your home,” explained Mr. Reid.

“If you are already taking measures to prevent condensation, such as By ventilating your home, using a dehumidifier, and using exhaust fans, you shouldn’t have condensation on your skylights. If condensation continues to appear, it could indicate that your home is not adequately insulated. You should contact a condensation specialist who can help you,” he added.