Are you aware of the changes to probationary work permits in the United States?     Cuban directory

Are you aware of the changes to probationary work permits in the United States? Cuban directory

Migrants who have entered the United States and received their temporary residency permits (paroles) can process their work permits online. The novelty was announced by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and approval can be managed through Form I-765.

According to USCIS, those who have been granted parole for urgent humanitarian reasons are eligible to apply for a category (c)(11) work permit. Those who have obtained this permit for a significant public benefit under INA 212(d)(5) are also eligible.

Although there will be limited exceptions, persons applying for a category (c)(11) work permit may submit Form I-765 online.

How do you know if you are eligible for a probationary work permit?

This work permit is for persons with temporary residency status for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit as defined by INA 212(d)(5).

Probation is used to allow aliens who do not meet refugee status to enter North America on a temporary residency permit.

Among the people using it are Cubans, Venezuelans, Indochinese and Central American minors. The latter may apply if your request is made for urgent humanitarian reasons.

However, to submit the I-765 form, applicants must first access the website and thus create a USCIS account online.

Activation of this account is free and offers several utilities, among which the ability to communicate with USCIS stands out. This way they will know about your request via a secure inbox.

However, USCIS cautioned that this ability to submit the form online will only be available to some categories of applicants.

These applicants must fall into an appropriate employment permit category. Otherwise the application can be rejected and the application fee can be retained.

Before the changes made by USCIS, migrants on parole had to wait up to 10 months to get the work permit card.