Are Isola, Taylor Mega and Tony Effe back together?

Are Isola, Taylor Mega and Tony Effe back together?

Taylor Mega and Tony Effe Misfire… Tat: another? A few minutes ago, a TikTok by the influencer, a former competitor of the fourteenth edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, delighted fans.

In the video published by mega, You see the woman accompanied by the singer with the phrase “here we go again”. It took a few seconds to unleash the people of the internet. Many comments came under the post from taylor mega, from spiritual andantes like “I’ve been praying for this to happen” to more ironic ones like “Nice, you’re subtler than me” to give just an idea.

No official announcement has come in at the moment, but in the age of social media, she believes a TikTok or an Instagram story is worth more than a press release.


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A little over a year ago the two had said goodbye after an agonizing love affair. The blonde influencer before approaching with tony flirted with Flavio Briatore. She later tied her up with the trapper Sfera Ebbastato then bind Hormoz Vasfi, many years older.