ARBÖ: Holiday weekend in southern Germany, summer evening concert and long weekend or weekend traffic jams

ARBÖ: Holiday weekend in southern Germany, summer evening concert and long weekend or weekend traffic jams

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Erzbergrodeo and four concerts in Vienna bring more delays

Vienna (OTS) – In addition to the long weekend due to the holiday and the end of the holidays in southern Germany, the coming weekend will offer a colorful bouquet of events including the Erzbergrodeo, the Vienna Philharmonic’s summer evening concert and 4 concerts at the Stadthalle in Vienna. According to traffic experts at ARBÖ, this means miles of traffic jams and hours of delay on transit lanes, at exits from state capitals and the federal capital.

Corpus Christi this Thursday offers all employees in Austria the opportunity to enjoy four days off with a day of vacation. This is also possible in the German federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saar. Many will take the opportunity to travel to the south or “to the country”. ARBÖ’s experiences show that a first wave of trips will happen, or rather: stay still, as of Wednesday afternoon, mainly on municipal departures from state capitals and the federal capital. Traffic jams and long delays in Vienna are almost certain, especially on the Südwesttangent (A23), Donauuferautobahn (A22), Ostautobahn (A4), Altmannsdorfer Straße, Triester Straße and the west exit. Patience will also be required late into the night on the Outer and Inner Belt, Franz-Josefs-Kai and Praterstrasse, as well as on the streets around the Franzensbrücke construction site. A similar image will also appear on the Mühlkreisautobahn (A7) and Industriezeile, Ebelsberg bypass in Linz, as well as the Pyhrnautobahn (A9) and Südautobahn (A2), Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße and Kärntner Straße in and around Graz. Drivers traveling through Salzburg should spend considerably more time on the western highway (A1) between Salzburg-Nord and the Walserberg border, as well as on the Munich federal highway (B155) and Vogelweiderstrasse. In Tyrol, traffic on the Inntal motorway (A12) near Innsbruck and opposite the Kufstein/Kiefersfelden border will either stand still until evening or just move slowly.

From the early morning of the holiday, southern and western transit routes and borders will be the focus of dust reports. In addition to travel, including from Germany, shopping and excursions to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia will be the subject of many tests of patience. To the west, it is mainly found on the Brenner motorway (A13), before the construction site area between Matrei and Brenner and before the Schönberg toll station, on the Fernpass route, before the Vils/Füssen border tunnel and the Lermooser tunnel. , the Tauern autobahn (A10), in the area of ​​the summit route and stowage in the greater Salzburg area. In the east and south, the construction site area near Bruck/Leitha and the Nickelsdorf border crossing on the Ostautobahn, the Klingenbach/Sopron border and the Spielfeld border crossing on the Pyhrnautobahn (A9) and the Karawanken tunnel on the Karawankenautobahn (A11) are the most likely “hotspots” for long delays.

“On Sunday, travelers on transit routes in the west and south, as well as towards Vienna and the state metropolises, will only make slow progress from late afternoon onwards. from ARBÖ Thomas Haider.

Zwtl.: “Erzberg-Rodeo” equals traffic jams in Upper Styria

After a 2 year break due to Corona, enduro racing fans will get their money’s worth again. The “Red Bull Erzbergrodeo” will take place from Thursday, June 16, 2022 to Sunday, June 19, 2022. Tens of thousands of fans are expected in the spotlight on Sunday. Arrival and departure will not be without major delays, despite police traffic rules on the only official access road to the show mine. According to ARBÖ, some construction sites, such as the oncoming traffic area on the Pyhrnautobahn (A9) between the Deutschfeistritz and Ubelbach intersections or the oncoming traffic area on the Klagenfurter Schnellstraße (S37) near St. Veit/Glan, will delay the arrival of visitors even before Erzberg.

Zwtl.: Summer night concert causes traffic jams in west Vienna

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, the Vienna Philharmonic can again welcome unrestricted spectators for the summer night show at Schönbrunn Palace Park after 2 years. The biggest open-air classical event of the year with conductor Andris Nelsons, as before Corona, will draw tens of thousands of visitors to the world heritage site with free admission. Many of the fans will arrive in their own vehicle. Therefore, major delays around the castle, including at the west exit, west entrance, Mariahilfer Strasse or Felberstrasse are very likely. “Official parking lots will fill up relatively quickly. Otherwise, parking capacity around the castle is very limited. To the extent possible, visitors should travel by public transport such as the U4 metro line, tram lines 10, 52 and 60 and bus line 10A and note that masks are still mandatory on public transport in Vienna.” advises ARBÖ expert Thomas Haider.

Caption: Wolfgang Ambross, Zucchero and Wanda fill the Wiener Stadthalle

In addition to the summer night show, other highlights of the show will take place in Vienna in the coming days. In Hall D of the Wiener Stadthalle, three crowd-pullers will make special appearances: Wolfgang Ambross on Wednesday, Zucchero on Thursday and Wanda on Friday and Saturday. Thousands of visitors are expected to attend each of the 4 concerts. As many people arrive in their own vehicles, traffic jams are more or less inevitable around the Stadthalle, especially in the Neubau belt, Hütteldorfer Strasse and on the streets of the Nibelungenviertel, as well as March and Felberstrasse. When visiting the Ambros show and the Wanda performance on Friday, drivers should note the short-stay parking zone, which applies from 9am to 10pm and limits parking to 2 hours. The general short-stay parking zone does not apply in Corpus Christi and Saturday, but resident parking spaces should not be considered parking options, except for authorized persons. Märzparkgarage and Stadthallengarage with flat rates for events are questioned as parking alternatives. The Wiener Stadthalle is very easy to reach the public using the U6, tram lines 6, 9, 18, 49 and bus line 48A”, concludes Thomas Haider.


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