Appointment at the Palo della Morte, from 2015 permanent station for Ferragosto.  This is how the idea came about    RomaToday

Appointment at the Palo della Morte, from 2015 permanent station for Ferragosto. This is how the idea came about RomaToday

“I created it, but it was five boys and one girl who did pioneering work.” This is how the Facebook event Appuntamento al Palo della Morte came about, where hundreds of people have been making a pilgrimage to where Enzo (no Renzo) died in 1980 since 2015. , the convict played by Carlo Verdone in the film Un Sacco Bello, had arranged to meet Sergio (the late Renato Scarpa) to leave for Kraków. “Pens and nylon stockings”, “at 5:30 in Borzano at 9 p.m. in Kraków at 10 p.m. you bet …” in a rigorous “Tabbellademarcia Rome, Vardechiana, Borzano, Kraków”.

A regular appointment for 7 years, as Gianluca Bonetti, creator of the I Colossi della Commedia event, tells RomaToday: “Today Rai filmed us a report.

It was actually August 15, 2015 when Gianluca, like Enzo, was home alone on a muggy August 15. “I saw a lot of good things on TV when I said to myself, now I’m going to the death stake. That’s when I had the idea of ​​doing an event with a Facebook page that I manage under the name I colossi della Comedia. – explains Gianluca Bonetti -. The first social memberships have arrived, but like many, I thought they would end up in the virtual world, so to speak”.

Then the photo of the turning point. “I’ll never forget, they sent me a photo of five boys and one girl. A selfie at the death pole. And they said, ‘You challenged us and we came’. They went there on purpose after joining Facebook event. , then they went to Calcata for lunch”.

From this photo a crescendo: “I asked his permission to put it on the event page and for the past seven years I’ve been getting hundreds of photos every August”. But no simple selfies “in addition to socks and pens, real Enzo doubles appeared. Black shirt, halter and cotton wool in the ‘package'”.

Carlo Verdone who, after thanking first his fans and then the author of the event for the “brilliant idea” of the death pole, gave lovers of the film an appointment in 2019, promising that on the fortieth anniversary of the film’s release it would surprise them. A word kept, with Verdone and Renato Scarpa, aka Sergio – who died in Rome last December – who inaugurated a plaque in Vigne Nuove in July 2020 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of their appointment as the death stake.

Forty years, but not only, with the appointment on the death stake, which continues to be “a lot beautiful” even in this year 2022 (after 42 years since the film was released and 7 years since the event was born).