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Apple’s 5G chip in iPhones in late 2024, then a homegrown Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip?

No wonder: at least since 2019 and the takeover of Intel’s network chip business, Apple is known to have been working on an “in-house” 5G modem. A way to cut the cord with its supplier Qualcomm, even if this development is taking longer than expected.

Apples 5G chip in iPhones in late 2024 then a

However, Qualcomm is likely to feel the danger as early as the end of 2024, predicts Bloomberg. Apple might actually integrate its own 5G chip into a new product, perhaps a high-end iPhone, first before making its way across the range. This transition phase would last about three years.

Ming-Chi Kuo said last week Apple was considering adding its 5G modem to the 2024 iPhone SE 4 .

Also, cellular access is far from the only project underway in Cupertino’s clandestine labs. According to the publication, Apple is also working on a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection chip. As a result, by 2025, Apple would no longer use Broadcom-supplied components for this important part of the iPhone and its other products. It would be a blow to Broadcom, for which Apple is its largest customer (20% of annual revenue actually comes from Apple).

The manufacturer is not starting from scratch: After all, the H1 and H2 chips in the AirPods and the W3 chip in the Apple Watch already integrate in-house components for wireless connections. But a completely self-developed WLAN and Bluetooth chip would be a decisive step towards full autonomy for Apple. Second, this Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip would enable connection to 5G networks.