Apple The Maps application will soon help you find a

Apple: The Maps application will soon help you find a parking space – Phonandroid

Often neglected compared to Google Maps, Plans, Apple’s mapping application, is about to become a little more useful. It will soon be able to provide users with parking options and their availability near a specific destination.

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Apple just announced an exciting new feature for its Maps app. In partnership with the parking platform SpotHero, Apple Maps now offers parking information for over 8,000 locations. As an icing on the cake, parking space availability can be filtered by electric car charging, wheelchair accessibility, number of spaces available, etc.

SpotHero, a Chicago-based company founded in 2011, connects drivers to thousands of parking lots in over 300 cities across North America. His dataset of parking lots, photos, and reviews aims to do just that help drivers find the best available parking spot.

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How do I use the new feature in Maps?

To take advantage of this new feature, iPhone and Mac users can search for a destination in the Maps app, then select “More” and “Parking”. You will then be taken to the SpotHero website without leaving the app.

“To use SpotHero, before you arrive, search for parking on our app or website, choose and reserve the most convenient spot for you. You’ll know there’s a spot waiting for you in the garage, making parking hassle-free and allowing you to focus on the things that matter most.

Users can search for nearby parking spots and reserve a spot using SpotHero’s secure payment options, the parking platform claims. Most of the parking options presented in SpotHero are paid, So don’t expect to find free parking with it.

Unfortunately, as so often with Apple, these new features will currently only be available in the United States and Canada. It will probably be many years before we get an equivalent.

Apple also announces it will continue expanding the redesign of Maps. The new design was extended to five more countries in December 2022, including Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland.