Anuel would get into legal trouble over custody of his son

Anuel would get into legal trouble over custody of his son

Anuel AA was embroiled in controversy after Astrid Cuevas, the singer’s ex-partner with whom he had a son, sued him in the Puerto Rico Family and Minors Court of Trial for allegedly being an absentee father.

A media outlet in the region reported that Anuel, aged 9, has not seen Pablo since February 13, in addition to not communicating with him constantly.

Cuevas would request that the court grant him full custody of the child as the interpreter of “Adicto” “shares” his responsibilities with the work team alongside some other relatives such as grandparents or uncles.

It should not remain an isolated case, as the program assured that Anuel had already sued Astrid for joint custody, to which she responded with a counterclaim.

On previous occasions, Cuevas’ sisters have pointed out to the singer via social media that he allegedly left his ex-family on the street.

So far, Anuel has not commented on this.

What is known about Astrid Cuevas?

Cuevas is a Puerto Rican model who was in a relationship with Anuel before he became a star. It was his steady partner, prior to the artist’s relationship with fellow singer Karol G.

Astrid would have married Anuel and later became the mother of Pablo Anuel in 2012.