Anuel AA completely ignores the birth of his second son and receives harsh criticism World Music

The popular and controversial Puerto Rican rag picker has completely ignored the birth of his second child, which was not well seen by thousands of netizens on social networks.

Melissa Vallecilla, Mom’s little daughter Anuel AA, She was responsible for confirming that she has already given birth. It is worth remembering that a few days ago in the international program “The Fat and the Thin”, The young Colombian had assured that she had been in a relationship with the Puerto Rican ragman for several months.

First, Anuel AA told Melissa Vallecilla that she would take care of her son. After a few days, however, he had no further contact or answered the phone. Nor has he raised the issue in front of the press or on social media, as he usually does.

The truth is that the girl was born yesterday social networks People are massively condemning the fact that Anuel has said absolutely nothing about the birth of his second child.

The rag picker married the Dominican rag picker and influencer Yailin, the most viral, just a few days ago, which caused different opinions on social networks. But now, with the birth of their second child, various netizens are condemning it and finding it “regrettable”. anuel has not commented on this and also ignores everything that has to do with the birth of the little baby.