Anuel AA and Yailin’s marriage contract that would end their marriage

Anuel AA and Yailin’s marriage contract that would end their marriage

On June 10, life seemed to smile at Anuel AA and Yailin “The Most Viral”if in a ceremony Intimate they said yes very much amorous. However, in the last few days Things you look like Not be all in all To the rightas the couple’s followers were concerned to discover that the Dominican singer had closed her social networks.

For his part, the Puerto Rican rapper is involved in one controversy after being denounced by the mother of her son Pablo Anuel, 9 years old, for a father absent and don’t take care of the child. This brought other problems with it Anuel AAsince her marriage to jailin appears to be about to break due to a approval premarital the they signed before marry

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Anuel AA and Yailin were happily married last June, today the story seems different.


The rumors about the separation of the artists began to gain strength after the wife of Anuel AA fired from social networks. This action performed by the singer would mean that the partner goes through a marital crisisand that’s why Yailin has decided to shut down her accounts to escape the harsh criticism she’s received and comparisons to Karol G, who recently painted her hair red.

On the other hand, it is also rumored that it could be a campaign advertising, because for many it could be a new collaboration on the part of marriage. However, this theory was questioned after the journalist Mois├ęs Salce assured in the Dominican program “De Extremo a Extremo” that the artists they got separated.

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According to the available information, Anuel AA and Yailin would be separated.

What is the marriage contract between Anuel AA and Yailin?

According to some entertainment outlets, it would be Marriage settlement Come in Anuel AA Y Yailin “The Most Viral” which would result in the singers being a step away from it divorcebecause this document says that they could not leave the country pregnant for a certain time. However, word got around that the Puerto Rican’s wife would still be waiting for his first sona problem that keeps the relationship in check.

So far, neither singer has spoken out or taken a stand on the matter, so most of them claim they are going through a marital crisis as they have been very quiet and have been known for flaunting their relationship. full of love.