Antonio Banderas’ daughter flaunts ‘bikini body’ in Italy |

Antonio Banderas’ daughter flaunts ‘bikini body’ in Italy |

Stella Banderas, Daughter of Melanie Griffith Y Antonio BanderasShe was caught wasting beauty public holidays at Nero, Italy.

The young businesswoman flaunted one black bikini fabric, with high-leg panties and a scoop neck top, with thin straps to show off yours slim silhouette.

That swimwear The two-piece Stella wore is not an exclusive piece of clothing as it is available at the Shein store for just $14, which is equivalent to 281 Mexican pesos.


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That sister less than dakota johnson She added a touch of elegance to her beachy look by wearing earrings and a gold necklace. She also showed off her makeup-free face and wet hair after diving into the sea.

that too actress enjoyed the trip to Italy in the company of her boyfriend Eli Mayerwho is a film career student.

Stella Banderas She began dating Eli, the Ronald Meyer son of an important man in Hollywood, in early 2019 since he was a vice president of NBC Universal and an agent for Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep for many years.

The celebrity followed Italy after celebrating his mother’s 65th birthday in California Melanie Griffith. Eva Longoria and her husband Pepe Bastón also attended the event.

Although he initially wanted to get away from acting, Stella eventually decided to study acting and is currently an assistant director at Antonio Banderas in the projects carried out in Spain.

The young woman also caused a stir last year when she announced that she would legally change her name to remove her mother’s last name.

But the move didn’t come with any trouble either Melanie Griffithhowever, thought it was a very long name and wanted to use only his father’s surname in both his day-to-day life and everyday life.

See how it’s changed in the gallery above Stella Banderas.


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