Antonia Fontenelle criticizes Janjas view of the inauguration and quotes

Antonia Fontenelle criticizes Janja’s view of the inauguration and quotes Imperatriz Leopoldinense: ‘Apathetic’

Antonia Fontenelle compared Janja’s look at Lula’s inauguration to the old guard of Imperatriz Leopoldinense Reproduction/Instagram

Antonia Fontenelle compared Janja’s look at Lula’s inauguration to the old guard of Imperatriz LeopoldinenseReproduction/Instagram

Published on 02/01/2023 19:55 | Updated on 01/02/2023 20:17

Rio Antonia Fontenelle caused controversy this Sunday when she quoted Imperatriz Leopoldinense in a video that criticized the look Janja chose at the inauguration of Luis Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) as President of the Republic. Taking to Instagram Stories, the presenter compared the first lady’s outfit to oldschool Ramos school.

Imperatriz Leopoldinense invites Janja to act as godmother after Antonia Fontenelle’s attack

“Look, boys… These are the old guard of Imperatriz Leopoldinense. I don’t know much about fashion, but I don’t think it’s necessary, that’s my opinion… The opinion of a simple woman.’ Weil, Leopoldinense, Antonia?’ Because it’s an apathetic school, it doesn’t stink or smell, you know? It’s not the old guard of Mangueira, Mocidade or Grande Rio, it’s Imperatriz Leopoldinense. Only by God…” said the influencer while following the ceremony on TV.

The video was reposted by a fan who was outraged by Fontenelle’s comment: “Shame on your face! (If) you speak badly about my school, mess with my school, I become an animal! My school is not just any school and deserves respect. Walking Garbage”, vented.

In the comments, other fans of Empress Janja and the club expressly defended: “She was beautiful and elegant, just like our old guard!” According to a follower. “All schools deserve respect for their artistic and cultural importance,” said another netizen. “Then the empress should invite Janja to the parade,” suggested another person.