Antonella Fiordelisi quotYou lost mequot Big Brother VIP GFVIP

Antonella Fiordelisi: "You lost me" Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

In the kitchen while some Vipponi are having lunch, Tra Edward and Antonella There are still strong tensions.

Tonight, during the live broadcast, the VIPs have to perform the Rugantino musical and the fencer, who had been rehearsing with Edoardo for the past few weeks, asked to change the piece and not be kissed at the end of the performance as stipulated by the Script. The very annoyed novel narrator replies that the pair can be changed directly and that if she agrees, she can try the play with the new entry Andrea Maestrelli, seen her sentiment demonstrated during New Year’s Eve.

This discussion ignites the fuse for a new confrontation in the garden, and the handsome Roman accuses the VIP of never making a mea culpa and only pointing out their non-compliance. Edoardo is furious and, faced with the constant justifications, accuses his partner of often getting him into trouble by always including him in all his discussions.

Antonella points the finger at her partner and accuses him of having changed and become vicious in the way he communicates and exposes himself. “I don’t want such a person in my life,” she explains with conviction, “I feel the same way,” the spokeswoman replies immediately.

The most talkative couple in the house is very tense and they blame each other for shortcomings, mistakes and omissions as a couple. “You lost me,” concludes the VIP and declares herself disappointed with her partner’s behavior.

Edoardo remains in his position and decides to distance himself further. Is this the final end of a relationship?