Antonella Fiordelisi vs Oriana Marzoli and Luca Onestini    Big Brother VIP |  GFVIP 7    Big Brother

Antonella Fiordelisi vs Oriana Marzoli and Luca Onestini Big Brother VIP | GFVIP 7 Big Brother

The VIP aperitif brought a breath of fresh air, but there was no lack of arguments.

Actually in the yard, between one dance and the other Oriana – given the antipathy he harbored towards his partner – he wasted no time trying to provoke Antonella even accused her of copying her hairstyle.

Little was enough to warm the mood, and given the jokes received, the former fencer commented, “You don’t realize what figures you’re making”. Furthermore, quite annoyed by the VIP’s attitude, she says, “Fortunately, men and women aren’t all like that,” and despises Oriana’s exuberance and Onestini’s behavior: “Onestini, shame on you,” she says, adding, “Play that Evil of the people. Everything has a limit”.

While the Venezuelan on the one hand ignores the criticism and, to further annoyance, calls Antonella “You have to do it like me, you can have fun without any problems”, Onestini on the other hand disagrees and accuses the VIP of overdoing it the insults: “If you can listen to advice, apologize for what you said, make a better impression”.

“You may be beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside, so you’re nothing to me,” replies the former fencer, who doesn’t want to engage in provocation and tries in every way to remain calm; “If they try to provoke me, I won’t fall for it,” he adds. The VIP also reproaches her adventure companion, as he always justifies Oriana’s behavior: “Any time she provokes me and gets in the middle of a discussion she has nothing to do with, you come with me.”

In the courtyard, the spirits begin to heat up and if on one side Onestini continues to seek explanations for the insults received, on the other hand Antonella seems unwilling to justify her comments, concluding: “Why do I have to talk to someone like you and waste time?”.

Apparently, the dislikes among the VIPs are growing more and more. How will the situation in the house develop after this dispute?