Antonella Fiordelisi paired with Edoardo Donnamaria the two together in

Antonella Fiordelisi paired with Edoardo Donnamaria: the two together in Ravenna but it’s not what it seems

Antonella Fiordelisi And Edoardo Donnamaria tomorrow together with Ravenna. In fact, the two ex-Gieffini will be in the Romagna city on July 23, albeit not as a couple, but as a working duo after attending the Alfonso Signorini.

The influencer from Salerno who is there is to be announced Social shared the news that the two will be there together for work, guests of a club for an exclusive aperitif. Here’s what it is.

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Along with Ravenna

Antonella Fiordelisi has published on Instagram the poster of an event that she will attend with Edoardo Donnamaria, as a couple yes, but as ex-Gieffini.

Fans went crazy over the news of seeing them back together and curiosity is high as to how the two will behave. During the last public appearances where the two were close, some noticed a change of look that gives hope for an official return of the couple.

However, work is work and for the influencer it represents normality considering how quickly she moved on to the next story, in which she detailed her upcoming appointments and daily routine for the days following the event. However, what will Edoardo Donnamaria think of having to be by his ex-girlfriend’s side again?

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