Antonella Fiordelisi makes a very serious accusation against Edoardo

Antonella Fiordelisi makes a very serious accusation against Edoardo

The relationship that was born between them in the Casa del Gf Vip 7 officially ends Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi? In several moments of the current issue, it seemed like there was no possibility of coexistence between the two.

In reality, however, after the various quarrels, the two They always found themselves making peace and apologize to each other under the covers. Will it be like this again? The fact is that in the last few hours Antonella made a very serious allegation Don Maria. But let’s go step by step. Edward he said he regretted mentioning the name Oriana Marzoli in the nominations of the last live broadcast. the reason? It actually ended in televoting. No easy televoting given the presence of two big names on reality TV: Nikita Pelizon and George Ciupilan.

Antonella, enraged at her partner’s resentment, thundered, “You’ve done everything wrong.” He called him a dog, a bitter enemy in the face of the apologies the forum’s face then directed at the person directly concerned cornflowers. “They are obviously afraid to go against the group,” the model concluded.

Edwardat that point he didn’t see us anymore:

Can I be sorry if someone I love goes to a difficult nomination? And I didn’t expect that? Am I free or am I not free? I don’t feel like friends with everyone. Do you think I play nice to everyone? Good with Anthony I haven’t said a word to myself since I walked in here. with Attilius Do you think I’m cute? What have we slaughtered? But don’t be silly.

I’m playing nice to everyone for fear of being nominated, but what the hell are you talking about? Maybe everyone mentions me and I go home. Instead of being in this shitty climate. I come to you and tell you that I love Oriana, you are a dog. You turn away and tell me “I don’t want to see you anymore”. You are. Accept the truth of the facts. Do you think they will agree with you? Dog you tell your sister. dimwitted. Keep your mouth shut. You must be ashamed. The truth is, you can’t take it that I love Oriana.

The influencer, blinded by jealousy, brought out the serious accusation: “You even laid your hand on me. but please. It’s not done”. Don Maria At this point, she broke off the conversation and categorically denied her adventure companion’s statement: “But what turns me on. But put your head on, you’re burned”.