Antonella Elijah | "He absolutely didn’t want to": he was very hard, he conditioned her life

Antonella Elijah | "He absolutely didn’t want to": he was very hard, he conditioned her life

The showgirl revealed some very difficult details from her past. Antonella Elia suffered greatly because of him

Antonella ElijahAntonella Elia (Youtube)

Turin showgirl with an ironic and spontaneous character, Antonella Elijah He is certainly one of the most irreverent personalities on the Italian television scene. On the island of temptation He showed all sides of himselffrom the most instinctive to the most profound, and since that moment the public can certainly understand them even better.

In his life, however things weren’t always smooth. During an interview for Corriere della Sera, Antonella Elia revealed some very heavy backstory from her past life: he suffered incredibly.

Antonella Elia, the father, was very strict

Antonella ElijahAntonella Elia (source youtube)

Born and raised in Turin, Antonella Elia had to do it since she was a child deal with pain. In fact, her mother died when she was only one year old and her father died when she was fourteen. a tragic traffic accident. Paolo Barison, a former Napoli player, also died with him, while Gigi Radice was rescued. His childhood and youth however, it was very difficult.

Actually Antonella Elia from an early age She dreamed of becoming an actress and a dancer: she dreamed of doing ballet. However, his father did he never allowed her to study it. He was a very strict man, perhaps due to the fact that he was a single parent and from the south, according to Elijah. “He absolutely didn’t want to that I was with men. I tried to join the Boy Scouts but he also pulled me out of there,” the showgirl told Corriere.

From the first grade to the second high schoolAntonella Elia went to school with the Dominicans. The showgirl describes those years as difficult: “The nuns weren’t the place to be extravagant. However, I always had very bad grades in behavior. I was alone so kept on a leash that I didn’t associate with other children”. After the death of her father, Antonella Elia Paola was entrusted with whom She moved to Pinerolo near Turin.

From that moment her life took a turn and Antonella Elia managed to go her own way, on TV and on the main catwalks. In his words and memories, however the mark of that painful childhood remains indeliblewhich certainly has a lot of influence on how Antonella lives and is today.