Antonella Clerici, the confession: "Cuckold when I found out…"

Antonella Clerici, the confession: "Cuckold when I found out…"

Antonella Clerici

Antonella Clerici he confesses to the weekly Chi and recalls a very painful moment in his life. “I remember when you published photos of Eddy with another woman on the cover of Chi: Alfonso warned me in good time before it hit newsstands and I had a fit. All of Italy discovered that I was being scammed. That’s part of the regulations, the newspapers do their job,” explained the well-known Rai presenter.

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The presenter’s reference is to her ex, eddy martens, with whom there was a long relationship from which their only daughter Maelle was born. The story ended in 2016 and Martens has since returned to live in Belgium. It seems that before the breakup, the two went through a crisis when they followed the paparazzi of him, accompanied by another woman, at the exit of a nightclub. After a period of estrangement, the couple got back together, but in the end it didn’t last. And there was the final farewell.

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But now the story with Victor Garrone is running at full speed. And when asked about the possibility of a secret marriage with her partner, Clerici wanted to reiterate her transparency to the public: “With my sincerity, I could not hide it, also because I would not see the secret. There are public figures who share work but not private life, I have made a pact with the public: they know everything about me, it’s not that I choose to speak only when it suits me . Clerici then spoke about one of her colleagues and neighbors in Portofino, with whom she has a wonderful relationship, Toffanin: “I like Sylvia very muchI love her, she could be my daughter. I think she’s a smart girl, she’s another very valuable neighbor.”

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