Antonella Clerici: “Alfonso Signorini called me to tell me Eddy Martens was cheating on me”

Antonella Clerici: “Alfonso Signorini called me to tell me Eddy Martens was cheating on me”

Antonella Clerici recalls the painful betrayal of her ex-husband Eddy Martens in the weekly Chi, photographed in a tender pose with another woman. These shots ended up in the weekly Chi. “But Signorini warned me before I had a stroke,” she recalls.

Antonella Clerici Alfonso Signorini called me to tell me Eddy

It was 2011 when the weekly Chi published the photos of Eddie Martensthen husband of Antonella ClericiShe was caught with another woman. A scandal followed, prompting the presenter to leave her husband. This crisis led to the end of the marriage, despite several subsequent attempts at reconciliation. Years after that moment, the famous Rai host talks about it in an interview with Chi, the weekly newspaper that first documented this betrayal.

Antonella Clerici remembers Eddy Martens’ betrayal

Antonella reveals that it was Alfonso Signorini himself, the director of the newspaper, to call her before the photos hit the kiosks. A kindness towards his colleague intended to keep Clerici from discovering everything in the worst possible way. “Did I secretly marry Vittorio? With my sincerity, I couldn’t hide it from you, also because I wouldn’t see the secret. There are public figures who share their work but not their private life, I made a pact with the public: they know everything about me, it’s not that I choose to speak only when it’s me fits,” Antonella said in a recent interview with Chi: “I remember when you published photos of Eddy with another woman on the cover of Chi. Alfonso warned me in good time before it hit newsstands and I had a stroke The whole of Italy discovered that I was being scammed. It’s part of the rules, the newspapers are doing their job.”

Eddy Martens version: “I was set up”

Eddy never publicly confirmed this Treason. Shortly after the publication of those incriminating photos, he confided to the weekly Vero that he had been tricked by the woman he was photographed with: “It seems to me that this girl organized everything and tricked me by calling the paparazzi has. I had met her two hours earlier. It’s really sad that people want to take advantage of who has the most popularity to get in the papers. I’m not interested in those things, I’ve got my mind on something else.” Words that exuded extreme security but didn’t serve to convince the ex-wife that it was a betrayal and confirm it to this day.