Anticipations The Paradise of Ladies 7, an absurd spoiler appears: amazed audience    Sergio Vessicchio

Anticipations The Paradise of Ladies 7, an absurd spoiler appears: amazed audience Sergio Vessicchio

Less than a month until the launch of the new station of the highly anticipated Paradise of the Ladies, and we already have tasty and intriguing previews. Messages coming from the soap’s writers or actors are so generous that they reward fans with small hints about the plot to come.

Let’s start with the actress Grace Ambrose who, however, without giving too much away, has hinted at what his character’s future might be Stefanie Colombo. There is a delicate sentimental situation at stake and he is certain that Stefania will continue to take care of him Marco D’Erasmo. In the last season, the two characters had managed to overcome several obstacles to get engaged (against the antagonist glorywhat will be arrested!).

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Therefore no The ladies paradise 7According to the advances offered by Ambrose, Stefania should continue to stand by her Marco and fight for him, despite the emergence of new obstacles and unprecedented conflicts. To stand in the way of how it should be this time TancredMarco’s brother.

The arrival of Tancredi should change many things in the dynamic of the Rai 1 soap opera. We already know that he will arrive in Milan to try and bring his wife home Mathilde Frigero and that will give way to many turns. Other important news concern the character of Maria Puglisithe department store’s Sicilian sticker played by Chiara Russo.

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Sincere and full of feeling, Maria is one of the most compelling characters in Rai 1’s fictiondramatic development and fascinatingly existential. We know that Maria left and loved Milan to grow professionally Rocco: His dream was to learn the trade stylist. Apparently Maria will return to heaven triumphantly with a whole new look and a much more defined character.

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Let’s move on Irene Ciprianithe seller interpreted by Francesca del Fa. We know Irene as the most edgy and somewhat obscure protagonist of the series. A girl who is seemingly shallow and career-oriented, but hides a big heart and great dignity. According to the actress, Irene will become the prime contractor and will intensify her comic panache. Plus, he’ll find love… Finally! Gaia Bavaroone of the most popular actresses of Il Paradiso delle donne, let us understand that Gemma Zanatta will experience a deep crisis. And some suspect that it could even be a spiritual crisis.

The cast also arrives two new Venuses whose names we also know: Klara and Elvira. They will replace Gloria (who is scheduled to end up in the cage as announced) and Dora. Attention then to the fate of Flora, driven out by the ruthless Adelaide. Among the novelties for men we point out the arrival of Gianluca Bandieraplayed by actor Francesco Mantuano: cinema owner and partner of Ennio Palazzo, somehow linked to Roberto Landi.