1676672537 Anticipations Amici 22 episode February 19 Three students in the

Anticipations Amici 22, episode February 19: “Three students in the evening, a great guest from Sanremo 2023”

Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

In today’s taped episode of Amici 22, which will be broadcast on Sunday, February 19, 2023, three students would have received the t-shirt for the evening: the Amici News preview.

Anticipations Amici 22 episode February 19 Three students in the

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Friends of Maria De Filippi 2022/2023

This afternoon of Friday February 17 the episode of Friends of Maria de Filippi 2022/2023 which will be broadcast on Canale 5 on Sunday 19 February 2023 from 2 p.m. Three new jerseys of the evening would have been entrusted to the studio: three students would have flown into the final phase of the soon to begin talent show. No competitor would have been eliminated at the end of the four challenges, “Guest of the episode a Big di Sanremo 2023”. The progress provided by the Amici News Twitter page.

“The jersey for the evening was delivered to three students”

In the episode of Amici taped in the studio today, three students flew to the evening program: according to the previews provided by Amici News, the names who would have had the pass for the early evening phase of the program broadcast by Canale 5 would soon be those of Gianmarco, Angelina and Magdalena. The latter dancer would have ranked first at the end of the dance competition judged by Eleonora Abbagnato, followed by samu and Gianmarco. Last Paky.

No student would be eliminated. On Friday, February 17, 2023, Jore’s decision to cancel the talent show was communicated during the day: the student left the Amici 22 counter for personal reasons, the broadcast revealed.

Friends22, a tearful Aaron, worries Jore might drop out of school

The guests of the February 19, 2023 episode

According to the forecasts Mr RainWhen he returned from his adventure at the Sanremo Festival 2023, he would have sung in the studio the song he had entered the fair with. superheroes. They would also participate as judges on the episode St. John and the conductor beppe Vesicchio. Eleanor Abbagnato he would judge the dance competition. Absent in the studio Emmanuel Lo: We read that the vocal teacher attended the episode via video link with the studio.