Anticipation Storm of Love: Erik admits to Josie that he is not her father!  |  German Episodes

Anticipation Storm of Love: Erik admits to Josie that he is not her father! | German Episodes

There really is no peace for the poor Josie Klee (Lena Conzendorf)! After the traumatic end of his relationship with Paul Lindbergh (Sandro Kirtzel) and the disappointment received Leon Thorman (Carl Bruchhäuser), in the next German bets out love storm The beautiful protagonist will indeed make a discovery that will turn her life upside down. So here’s what’s going to happen in the episodes of Sturm der Liebe that will be airing in Germany soon!

Sturm der Liebe, German episode preview: Erik, Josie and Yvonne become a family

Erik, Josie and Yvonne take a family photo, storm of love © ARD Christof ArnoldErik, Josie and Yvonne take a family photo, Sturm der Liebe © ARD / Christof Arnold

For a while we’ve been expecting that the next season of Love Storm will focus on a new character: Josie Kleethe biological daughter of Eric Vogt (Sven Waasner) e Yvonne Klee (Tanya Lanaeus). In fact, the latter had an affair years ago, but the man was never informed about the birth of a daughter.

When the girl unexpectedly arrives at the Fürstenhof to meet her father, he will be amazed. But it won’t be long until then Erik began to develop genuine affection for his daughterso much so that he became a caregiver for her, always ready to support her at any time.

The situation will continue to improve if Yvonne and Erik will fall in love again and get back together, giving Josie a real family. However, a bolt from the blue will ruin everything…

Spoiler love storm, German news: Erik is not Josie’s father

Erik takes care of Josie, Love Storm © ARD Christof ArnoldErik takes care of Josie, Love Storm © ARD / Christof Arnold

It all starts during a pool tournament that Josie will take part in as a team with her father. On this occasion, Erik will notice that the girl has a genetic trait that he has not inherited from her mother, nor from him, thus raising suspicions that the girl might not be his daughter.

Determined to dispel this terrible doubt, the man will therefore carry out a DNA test which, unfortunately, will shortly confirm his suspicions: he and Josie cannot be related! And now?

It goes without saying that the man will be shocked by this shocking discovery and confront Yvonne, who will be equally surprised. In fact, nothing will explain to her boyfriend that she was always convinced that he was the daughter’s father. But Erik won’t forgive her for that…

Anticipation Sturm der Liebe, German episodes: Josie discovers that Erik is not her father

Erik and Josie, Storm of Love © ARD Christof ArnoldErik and Josie, Storm of Love © ARD / Christof Arnold

Although Vogt is still in shock, he will understand that Josie deserves to know the truth and will therefore go to the girl to tell her everything. In front of her, however, he does not find the courage to confess that he is not her father …

Erik will therefore decide to keep the secret of Josie’s real paternity, but will still not be able to hide his suffering from her. When she sees her father in ruins, the girl will actually start pressuring him and Yvonne until Parents will have no choice but to tell her the truth.

As expected, Josie will be shocked by the news that she is not Erik’s biological daughter and even more by the fact that Yvonne doesn’t even remember the name of the man she fathered her with! Who will be Josie’s real father? And what about the love between Erik and Yvonne?

(episodes 3878-83, broadcast in Germany from August 25 to September 2, 2022)