Anticipation love storm: Robert rejects Ariane.  And she… |  Italian Episodes

Anticipation love storm: Robert rejects Ariane. And she… | Italian Episodes

An unexpected triangle threatens to upset the balance in the Fürstenhof. In the next Italian episodes out love storm Robert Saalfeld (Lorenzo Patané) will be controversial Ariane Kalenberg (Viola Wedekind) e Cornelia Holle (Deborah Mueller). A volatile situation that will force him to make a decision… So here is what will happen in the episodes of Storm of Love that will soon be broadcast in Italy Network 4!

Love storm, Italian episode preview: Ariane falls in love with Robert

Ariane approaches Robert, storm of love © ARD Christof Arnold (1)Ariane approaches Robert, Love Storm © ARD / Christof Arnold

Rarely Ariane Kalenberg He makes some misjudgments, but the evil dark lady’s latest scheme will turn out very differently than planned. The woman’s kidnapping plan Robert Saalfeld connecting with the latter actually has the desired effects… but with the roles reversed!

As we expected, Ariane and Robert will actually grow closer thanks to the shared misfortune. Surprisingly however Kalenberg will fall in love with Saalfeld and not the other way around!

And when the two finally manage to return to the royal court and start anew with their respective lives, the dark lady is confronted with an unexpected situation in which unforeseen feelings risk disrupting her entire plan.

Spoiler love storm, Italian news: Robert distances himself from Ariane

Cornelia jealous of Robert and Ariane, love storm © ARD Christof ArnoldCornelia jealous of Robert and Ariane, love storm © ARD / Christof Arnold

And Robert? After reuniting with his beloved Cornelia, the man will end up arguing lively with the latter. Holle actually suspected that the alleged kidnapping of her partner is in fact nothing but a staging staged by Ariane. It’s a shame that Saalfeld doesn’t want to believe such an assumption!

A heated argument will therefore break out between the two friends, which threatens to undermine their relationship. A situation made even more complicated by the constant presence of Kalenberg, who will not miss an opportunity to stay close to Saalfeld.

When Robert realizes his relationship with Cornelia is in jeopardy, he makes a painful decision: He will tell Ariane that he wants to distance himself from her and keep their relationships to a minimum. A decision that will force Kalenberg to change strategy…