Anti circumcision protester interrupts Pnk show and gets kicked out –

Anti-circumcision protester interrupts P!nk show and gets kicked out – TVA Nouvelles

During a performance at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, singer P!nk received a spontaneous and inappropriate visit.

As she spoke to the crowd between songs, a man showed her the screen of his cell phone, which read: “Circumcision: cruel and harmful.”

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In French this could be translated as “circumcision: cruel and harmful”.

Obviously, among the many causes that currently need to be defended on planet Earth, the fight for circumcision is not at the top of the list of those receiving the most media attention.

That’s why the man with the black backpack and the bald head seemed so happy that the star of the evening was interested in his fight.

Unfortunately, things quickly turned sour for the protester when he realized the pop star had very little compassion for his cause.

“You spent so much money to come here and do this?” P!nk is heard saying in a video clip posted on TikTok and reposted on X.

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Given the insistence of the (probably) circumcised man, the singer was not very patient.

“Get that cancer out of me, man!” says the Dear Mr. President singer before event security arrests the warring faction and expels him.

The scene played out to boos from the crowd, who called the man without a foreskin a “loser.”

What a story!

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