Another woman appears in the soap opera Shakira  Piqué  Clara: "The person in the video is me"

Another woman appears in the soap opera Shakira Piqué Clara: "The person in the video is me"

A new character emerges in the web’s most followed argument: Anna Tormo Mampel claims on Twitter that she is the woman portrayed in a video at Piqué’s house in 2021

Mariangela Masiello

January 17th

Days pass, but the dispute between Shakira and Piqué shows no signs of slowing down and, on the contrary, is enriched by new twists: In fact, it was revealed on Twitter a friend of the former footballer which has brought others to the already complicated matter Details.

another woman appears between pique and shak

Indeed, in the last few days, the Spanish media had claimed that Gerard Piqué’s current new girlfriend, Clara Chia MartiShe was Piqué’s lover already in mid-2021, when he and Shakira were still a seemingly committed couple (the relationship with the singer actually only broke in early 2022). According to the Spanish newspapers, the mother proof of this long betrayal would be a Video (directed by Piqué himself), which features a young woman with long blond hair appears for a few seconds as part of. The site? The couple’s Barcelona mansion, during Shakira wasn’t home, but he was away with his children. Well, from what was stated by Anna Tormo Mampel on Twitter it would be all fake: In fact, the woman claims that the one who appears in the video is not Clara Chia Marti but her.

Version by Anna Tormo

Anna Tormo Mampel In fact, he specifies on Twitter: “Now it’s enough the person in this video is me“. The woman stresses how absurd it seems to her that she had to intervene in the matter to make statements, but then, in the face of gossip fueled by the press, decided to come forward reveal his identity. In fact, the woman says that that day she had to help Piqué (engaged in a live twitch with Ibai Llanos) solve one technical problemprecisely because the two have been working together for several years: “That day was the first stream that Gerard made from home and I’m helping him with all the technical things on Twitch since I’ve been working with him for a year long, for years.” The woman then interjectsinsulting the tabloids, who accuses the public of manipulation: “It’s called manipulation, like 99% of the things you are told,” he concludes. In short, Anna Tormo spells it out in her impassioned speech in 2021 there would be no betrayal of piqué, which therefore would not have Clara never brought Chia into the house where she lived with Shak and their children.

January 17, 2023 – 5:30 p.m