Another sting for Trump, because the judges have to submit his tax returns to Congress    openly

Another sting for Trump, because the judges have to submit his tax returns to Congress openly

That tax returns to be delivered by Donald Trump congress, to the Committee on the Use of Chamber Funds. The District of Columbia Court of Appeals ruled, delivering another slap in the face for the former president, who has struggled for years to keep his tax returns and documents related to his businesses out of the spotlight. Finding himself is nothing new for the former US President in a dispute with the tax office. Because research by the New York Times two years ago showed that he would not pay the fees for a long time Steerthe tycoon has never stopped being the focus of investigations designed to uncover new details about him from time to time Debt to the Federal Tax Administration.

The Prologue to the Fiscal Affair

According to the New York newspaper, which basically figured out how Trump had paid very little taxmotivate them constant losses of the Trump Organization, the former President United States of America had accused his niece Mary Trumpconspiring with reporters to obtain unlawful Information about your tax situation. The Times reporters had written to the former tenant White House, they would “relentlessly search for her niece and persuade her to smuggle the documents out of her attorney’s office and deliver them to the Times”. Motivated, nephew and journalist, «by a personal revenge and of her desire to gain fame, notoriety, acclaim” and “advance her political agenda”.

The tycoon is increasingly under siege

After the recent FBI raid on his home in Mar-a-Lago, which federal agents used to try to find out whether Trump stole state-secret documents before he left the White House, the ex-president is now being pursued. It remains to be seen whether and how she can free herself from the umpteenth hard tax crackdown by Congress.

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