Another 54 Bolsonaro supporters face charges in Brazil for coup

Another 54 Bolsonaro supporters face charges in Brazil for coup d’état

The extremist protesters were arrested at the camp in front of the army headquarters in Brasilia.

A total of 98 people were reported to the Federal Court of Justice (STF) and this is the third allegation by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

The first analyzed the 39 detainees in the Senate and the second five were arrested for their involvement in the attacks on the STF.

The defendants may face charges of incitement to crimes involving the armed forces’ hostility to constitutional authorities and a criminal organization.

In the indictment, the coordinator of the Strategic Group to Combat Anti-Democratic Acts, Deputy Attorney General Carlos Frederico Santos, reiterated that “there was an obvious structure to ensure consistency, stability and consistency” of the terrorists defending the seizure of power.

Now the STF plenary will decide whether to accept the complaint and jail the accused. No trial date has been set yet.

The PGR also demands that the preventive detention of the 54 denounced persons be replaced by preventive measures.

According to the document, the sum of the sentences does not exceed four years, a condition laid down in the Code of Criminal Procedure for the imposition of a provisional prison sentence.

The precautionary measures proposed by the State Ministry include prohibiting access to social networks, contact with other persons under investigation and all military installations and their surroundings at a minimum distance of 500 meters.

Santos also pointed out that when the defendants addressed the army headquarters, they had joined an association that by its characteristics was already stable and enduring, and whose aim was to commit crimes against the democratic rule of law.

Judge Alexandre de Moraes of the STF on Monday decided to open six further investigations into the behavior of the putschists involved in the terrorist attacks.

With calls for military intervention and a refusal to take power by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, groups of radical Bolsonaro supporters marked a black mark in national history on January 8 by invading the headquarters of the National Congress, the STF, in the capital and it looted and the bureau.