Anonymous hacked Russian television and broadcast footage of the conflict

They promised to counterattack and punish Vladimir Putin if he continued his offensive in Ukraine. The hacker group Anonymous managed to take control of various Russian media controlled by the Kremlin to broadcast images of the war that Vladimir Putin is waging on the territory of Ukraine.

As can be seen from the images posted on Anonymous’s Twitter account, for a short time several TV channels such as Rossiya 24, Channel One and Moscow 24, as well as streaming services Wink and Ivi, showed footage of the war. The purpose, apparently, of this operation was to show the Russians a real picture of what is happening in Ukraine, because from the very beginning of the conflict, Vladimir Putin claims that Russia is carrying out an operation to disarm its neighbor.

In a statement, Anonymous claimed responsibility but also sent a message to the Russian people: “This war has been waged by Putin’s criminal and authoritarian regime on behalf of the ordinary citizens of Russia. Russians against genocide in Ukraine“, the hackers wrote.

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