Anniversary exhibition is extended

Anniversary exhibition is extended

Exactly one year ago, the anniversary exhibition “We are 100. Burgenland makes history” opened in Friedensburg. A balance has already been made.

So far, a total of 55,000 people have visited the exhibition, and another 25,000 people have visited the castle for concerts, seminars and other events.

Also many international visitors

About 56 percent of all visitors came from Burgenland, 34 percent from other Austrian provinces (Vienna: about 14 percent, Lower Austria: about 13 percent, Styria: about 8 percent, from Upper Austria, Salzburg, Carinthia, Tyrol and Vorarlberg there were about 9 percent), about 10 percent were international guests. About 1,500 of them were from neighboring Hungary, 1,000 from Germany, 200 from Switzerland and 65 from Ukraine. The crowd of guests came to Schlaining from a total of 57 countries and all continents – including Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Cuba, Thailand, Uganda, Venezuela and Japan.

Site Manager Norbert Darabos “We are more than satisfied with the numbers and were not expecting such a rush. The pandemic has been our constant companion since the renovation of the castle and the construction of the exhibition, and of course it has also influenced visitor behavior since opening. Our goal was for as many Burgenlanders as possible to be able to see the anniversary show and we now know that due to the Corona many have not yet had the opportunity to come to us – especially school classes and bus groups. That’s why we’re extending the exhibition until November 11, 2023.”

From the end of November 2023, the transformation into a Burgenland history home will take place. In addition to contemporary local history, the new overall concept also includes the history of the castle complex and the theme of peace.

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