Anne Heche, the children’s farewell: “We hope you have begun to explore eternal freedom”

Anne Heche, the children’s farewell: “We hope you have begun to explore eternal freedom”

by Laura Zangarini

Homer Laffoon, 20, the Hollywood star’s eldest son, also spoke publicly for his younger brother, 13-year-old Atlas.

“She was a kind and cheerful soul, a loving mother and a loyal friend.” This is how Anne Heche’s son, Homer Laffoon, 20, recalled the ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ actress, who was hospitalized in a coma ten days ago was admitted after she died on Friday 5th yesterday Sunday 14th August after being separated from the machines keeping her alive. Heche, 53, had suffered a “severe anoxic brain injury” caused by lack of oxygen in the brain after the accident. Brain death was declared on Friday, August 12 – California law states that a person is presumed dead once brain death is determined – but the star was placed on life support to respect his willingness to donate organs. An evaluation that lasted nine days. In the United States, most organ transplants are performed after this observation period.

«My brother Atlas and I lost our mother – continues Laffoon in his public statement –. After six days of incredible emotional swings, I am left with a deep and indescribable sadness. I hope my mom is pain free and has begun to explore what I like to think of as her eternal freedom.” Homer is Heche’s first child, born in 2001 from the star’s marriage to cinematographer Coley Laffoon, known from the set of the sitcom ” Ellen”. After the separation, which took place in 2009, she married actor James Tupper, known from the TV series Men in Trees, with whom she had their second child, Atlas, born in 2009. The couple separated in 2018.

Prior to those two important relationships, Heche was at the center of public debate over her connection with comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres. A love that caused a scandal at the time, causing the Hollywood world, as Heche and DeGeneres later recounted, to supplant the actress for a long time: “They didn’t let me work for ten years,” he said at the time adding to his homosexual relationship: “I am proud to have been part of a small revolution that has led us to more equality”.

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