Anne Heche: A resident of a house hit by an actress wins a crowdfunding

Anne Heche: A resident of a house hit by an actress wins a crowdfunding

A virtual crowdfunding, started by friends of the resident of the house hit by actress Anne Heche in the accident last Friday (5), has already raised more than R$ 500,000.

The virtual fundraiser was started by friends of Linny Mishele, a woman who lived there. Last week, Anne’s car crashed into Mishele’s house. Both the actress’ car and Mishele’s house caught fire on impact.

Almost 60 firefighters were needed to extinguish the flames.

Neighbors John and Jennifer Durand started a GoFundMe page for Mishele to help her rebuild her life she lost all her belongings in the fire caused by the collision.

In the kitten’s description, neighbors say Mishele lost everything except “some damaged sentimental items.”

anne  Playback/GoFoundMe  Playback/GoFoundMe

Anne Heche: Vaquinha for residents of the affected house already exceeds R$ 500,000

Image: Playback/GoFoundMe

“Lynne lives with her beautiful puppies Bree and Rueban and Marley the turtle in the house that was destroyed this week by a speeding car that started a fire. Lynne and her family narrowly escaped physical harm, and that’s how it is. We are very, very grateful. However, the house was burned down to the ground,” the cow’s description reads.

“Lynne lost her entire life to possessions, souvenirs and all the equipment for her business,” the website description continues.

“With the help of firefighters, she managed to remove some damaged sentimental items from the rubble. Everything else vanished,” the caption added.

A neighbor of Lynne spoke to the Chron about the accident.

“She’s lucky to be alive. She was shaking as she told me she was right there in the living room where the car crashed,” he told the portal.

By the time this report was published, the Vaquinha had already raised $114,000, equivalent to R$585,000.

The accident

Anne  Jesse Grant/Getty Images  Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Anne Heche in March 2022

Image: Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Last Friday (05) Anne was traveling in the Mar Vista area of ​​Los Angeles when she was involved in an accident in her blue Mini Cooper in the garage of an apartment complex.

Anne was rescued by local residents, but she reversed and accelerated, causing the car to crash into a house again. The impact was so strong that the car and house caught fire.

Firefighters came and rescued the actress, and according to American website TMZ, at least two people would have been run over by the celebrity before the collision that set the car on fire.

Also according to the website, the Los Angeles Police Department obtained a search warrant to perform a blood draw on the actress to determine if she was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time of the accident.

Officials suspect Anne may have been drunk when she crashed her car.

Anne is known for her roles in shows like Men in Trees, Hung, Save Me, Aftermath and The Brave. In cinema he has also taken part in feature films such as Volcano, Jogando com Prazer and Seis Dias, Sete Noites.

Anne is in a coma after suffering severe burns and being intubated.

A representative for Anne has told TMZ that she has a lung injury.

“Right now, Anne is in extremely critical condition. She has significant lung damage requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention. She is in a coma and did not regain consciousness after the accident.”