Anna Oxa the first interview after Sanremo The Excavation in

Anna Oxa, the first interview after Sanremo. The Excavation in the Press Room: Why It Has Been Silent The Video

«I’m very happy because I don’t associate myself or Ms. Oxa with Sanremo, but how much I managed to bring in the new generation something out of the ordinary that I think should be disclosed». With these words, Anna Oxa joins one of the first protagonists of the new season of Beasts Francesca Fagnani, talks about his experience at the 73rd edition of the event. In the clip, which anticipates part of the interview that will be broadcast on Rai2 in the first episode on Tuesday February 21 from 9:20 p.m., the presenter asks the singer what she thinks of the low position compared to the height of the message : «Maybe you didn’t understand ?» asks Fagnani. “But by whom? – answers Oxa -. People are outside this hall. The optional? Is not present. The real grade is the one you transferred. When you hear the word vote, it’s not a number. It’s something different.” Topics also included the singer-songwriter’s decision not to participate in the Green Carpet, where all participating artists were changed, as well as in the television interviews and the possible connection to the dispute between the artist and Rai. The Facts that led Anna Oxa and viale Mazzini to split go back to 2013 after they injured themselves Dancing with the stars of the singer-songwriter herself.Since then, according to the artist, she has been “on a corporate Blacklist “, blocked for every broadcast. “There can be so many answers to that, and there could be answers that I can’t give because they are linked to that moment there, to the time of Sanremo. If an artist or his “Management says he won’t do any interviews, what do you do then? It says: okay. You can’t judge because you want to satisfy the desire for I don’t know what,” Oxa explained when asked by v on Francesca Fagnani after her decision to withdraw from all interviews even during the Sanremo period.

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