Anitta, watch the sexy video |  As she moves, no    Piceno Sera

Anitta, watch the sexy video | As she moves, no Piceno Sera

Anitta is not only one of the stars of the charts, she is also an incredibly sexy woman whose movements make you dream. And when the two get together…

Anita SexyAnitta and her hypnotic sexy movement | web source

Anitta is one of the new sensations in world music. Like much that moves, whistles and dances in the charts, on Spotify and YouTube, his music comes from Latin America, namely from Brazil. This Brazil that never ceases to enchant and make the whole world dream with its dances, its beautiful women and, let’s be honest, with those legendary “B-sides” that have become proverbial. So Anitta comes from Rio de Janeiro, the carnival, the movement, the joy she brings is inscribed in her DNA. And if he decides to share them, it’s a celebration for everyone.

Anitta, the star from Rio

But Anitta is not only a singer, given her success, that could be enough. Anitta is joy, it’s a show Dance, pure hypnosis. Its musical and erotic charge spreads and leaves you speechless. A force she knows well and loves to play with. First she conquered Latin America and became its queen. And from there, his notoriety has infected the United States, the world capital of show business. And finally she became the mistress of the world

His real name is: Larissa de Macedo Machado and was born in Rio de Janeiro. It could be described as enfant prodige. By the age of 8 he was already a star, albeit in a completely different context than on the stages of a pop concert: He sang in the church choir in his neighborhood. But he also studied dance as well as administration and accounting at a technical college in his town. But love, as is well known, knows no obstacles and that was too strong for the show to be defeated by the double game. With 16 Anitta wins her first music prize: her career starts from there.

A video to despair

If there’s one thing Anitta doesn’t ignore, it’s her sensational sex appeal and the power his image exerts on the viewer. He loves to joke with it, he loves to play with it, he loves to captivate his audience and reduce it to his power. He does it with his videos, great productions that leave you speechless. But it also does it in the simplest and most spontaneous way of all: with some Instagram stories little more than improvisation, turn on the phone in moments of relaxation, without too much intention.

Small in-house productions that have the power of a super magnet. An example is this video shot on a boat where Anitta is probably on vacation. It is done with a simple phone (among the comments there are those who argue about the brand). There is absolutely nothing in it if not Anitta and her movement, hypnotic and sexy. Music also comes later, much later. And it would be nice if it were all like this…