Anitta joins the trend of mini dresses and platforms    show

Anitta joins the trend of mini dresses and platforms show

Anitta joins the trend of mini dresses and platforms (Instagram)

Anitta joins the trend of mini dresses and platforms | Instagram

When you talk about electrifying trends, you’re talking about the singer anita, who has been one of the pioneers of the return of 2000s fashion in recent months, innovating with unusual silhouettes in her daring looks. Now she rocked social media with one of the most flattering combos for little girls.

Finding a single word to describe the Brazilian celebrity’s style is an almost impossible task as it is not limited to a single aesthetic current. His dynamic and multi-faceted personality is also reflected in his clothing, which, depending on the occasion, adapts to what he wants to project with almost chameleonic skills.

In the video clip of his hit song ‘Catwasted sensuality and femininity. Teaching style, her three monochromatic black outfits ignited the internet, her look for the promotional photo session garnered particular praise, where she best wore a mini dress with eye-catching platforms.

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That’s no secret anita He’s not very tall at 1.62m, but that doesn’t stop him from standing tall in the most flashy outfits. Now, with its deadly combination of mini and maxi, it has received critical acclaim in all the right places.

A staunch follower of the Y2K trend, the Wrapping interpreter used an A-cut skirt mini dress that featured a rippled texture in the shape of waves, the deadly combo came with the matching XL platforms and a rather flirty garter belt, faithfully to its elegant and daring style.

as a supplement anita She chose to wear gloves that reached almost to her shoulders and a wide velvet choker that hit the target to give her a youthful and nocturnal vibe. With the elegance, tenderness and wildness of a cat, the Carioca lived up to its name.

In a dark environment, Anitta interpreted the theme on the roofs of a big city and used her gaze as a resource of seduction for the hearts of her fans. With a powerful choreography, agile movements and a lot of sensuality, the Brazilian brought the most intimate part of her facet as an artist to the screens of this world.

This reinvention of ‘Gata’ comes with the deluxe version of his latest studio album ‘versions of me‘, which will be revealed little by little to raise expectations among its fans. Besides this topic anita It will also premiere exciting collaborations poised to become smash hits.

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