Angry vacationers will leave Sunwing

Angry vacationers will leave Sunwing

Quebecers who returned from their vacation in the sun on Monday are considering giving up Sunwing for good after their vacation trip was marred by that airline’s troubles.

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“We’re over,” said Sabrina Trimboli straight from her plane from Cuba, where her family was staying with a group of 35 people.

Like many travelers returning to the country at Montreal-Trudeau Airport on Monday afternoon, his departure on Sunwing on Dec. 26 did not go as planned.

Remember that back then the winter storm was a thing of the past.

“We were delayed by a total of 15 hours everywhere,” summarized Mrs. Trimboli.

Without saying that his trip was ruined, lost a vacation day, “it’s still a lot,” the mother agreed.

“This is the second time I’ve had,” lamented Barbara, for her part, accompanied by her spouse Éric.


And as if the airline troubles weren’t enough, Sherbrooke residents doubted their plane would leave the Montréal-Trudeau runway until the very last minute. They waited in the shuttle that went to their plane for almost an hour.

“Everyone started choking, so the sound started to rise, the driver banged on the window, there was a yelling fight with the staff,” recalled Jean-Philippe Simoneau, father of two children aged 5 and 7 his return on Monday from Holguin.

Cynthia Brochu, Jean-Philippe Simoneau and their loved ones returned from their trip to Holguín on Monday.

Photo Martin Alari

Cynthia Brochu, Jean-Philippe Simoneau and their loved ones returned from their trip to Holguín on Monday.

With the fear that awaited customers, the lack of communication from Sunwing didn’t help matters at all for many.

“The Sunwing site, I did an update and nothing has changed. It’s as if the flight wasn’t delayed. The website was really unreliable,” stressed Sylvain Chapados, who also lost a sunny day due to a long delay in his departure from Montreal.

Just four hours late…

Despite the ordeal several Quebecers have endured in recent days, some told the Journal they were relatively spared.

“I was only four hours late [en partant de Montréal]. I’m one of the lucky ones,” Tonino Naccarato said with relief.

Martin, a travel agency from Montreal’s North Shore that has kept its name a secret for fear of reprisals, believes that the numerous testimonials from dissatisfied customers that have been reported in the media over the past few weeks will certainly tarnish Sunwing’s reputation .

“The good thing is that we may see airfare cuts, they will want to rebuild traveler confidence,” he said.

Sunwing had not answered our questions on Monday evening.

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